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Welcome to “Notes from a Prairie Lotus” – I hope you enjoy seeing the world through my adventuresome, somewhat crazy eyes. Nebraska is indeed “The Good Life” and I’m reminded of that in so many ways on a daily basis. I love to travel but coming home to Nebraska is like having that warm fuzzy blanket and a cup of hot chocolate waiting for you. I always feel safe, loved and at peace when I return. You can expect to see a lot of blogs about the great opportunities and things to do in my neck of the prairie. Omaha has an excellent music scene and I hope to review some of the live music venues that I often frequent as well as the great restaurants in the area. Escaping the city to explore the back roads and countryside is a welcome getaway for me and I do it quite often so you will definitely see photos of a variety of things that I believe make my state so beautiful. (It’s not all black and white as indicated by Mr Payne)

I’m not one-dimensional and neither is my blog! There will be various topics and musings from me and I hope that will keep it interesting and fun. I do travel several times a year so my goal is to bring my adventures to others and in turn offer advice and recommendations for future travelers. I enjoy photography but do not claim to be a professional – I just like to capture beautiful images to remember my journey by. I’m constantly amazed by the beauty this world has to offer. Everywhere I go there is something that takes my breath away. Last year I traveled to Kauai, San Francisco and Sedona  – all beautiful places and each very different. I don’t think I could choose a favorite. I would go back to each in a heartbeat!

In Nebraska the Sand Hill Crane Migration is winding down. I visited these uniquely beautiful creatures a couple of weeks ago. If you ever get the chance you should take the opportunity to do so. It’s an amazing education. You can read more by clicking here on Rowe Sanctuary  As the Keystone XL Pipeline debate continues I fear the negative outcome this pipeline could have on the Ogallala aquifer and ultimately on the migration of these and thousands of other birds who use the Platte River as their resting and feeding grounds.

“Then some day here come the cranes planing in from cloud or mist—sharp, lonely spears, awkwardly graceful. They reach for the land; they stalk the ploughed fields, not quite letting us near; not quite our own, not quite the world’s.”

William Stafford “Watching Sandhill Cranes”

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