Happy National Poetry Month


Happy National Poetry Month to me! I purchased a new book of poetry in its honor. I’m not one to read from page one but to skim through and read at random. I’d like to share one that immediately grabbed me.

This is from “Full Powers” 1962 (pg 259)


Ode to Ironing

Poetry is white:

it comes out of the water covered with drops,

it wrinkles and piles up in heaps.

We must spread out the whole skin of this planet,

iron the white of the ocean:

the hands go on moving,

smoothing the sanctified surfaces,

bringing all things to pass.

Hands fashion each day of the world,

fire is wedded to steel,

the linens, the canvas, coarse cottons, emerge

from the wars of the washerwomen;

a dove is born from the light

and chastity rearises from the foam.

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