she answers through a partial toothless grin

her pale blue eyes seem to twinkle

as if her mind was not crackled by

plaques they call Alzheimer’s

as if she was certain she knew

the question being asked

Moments earlier those same blue eyes stared

lifelessly at the crumbs on the table

Garbled words mumbled from dry lips

She looks up, smiles and shrugs


I glance at the woman across the table

who nods in agreement

Both of their gray haired heads are

bobbing in unison as I stare in disbelief

at their elusive conversation

A moment of unforeseen clarity in a

muddy river of blurry memories

I am certain that twinkle in her eye

means she knows the answer to

every meaningful thing

I want to know

about life

“If you could wish for one thing what would it be?”


by T Elizabeth